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myWeddy Lite has the same functionality like myWeddy, but the invitations, events, costs and tables stored are limited to 5 maximum.

myWeddy is a comprehensive wedding planner application which allows you to manage most of the details regarding the organization of the big day. It is composed of five main screens, as follows:

1. The main screen:
-set the bride and grooms names;
-set the date and time of the wedding;
-countdown till the big day and after.
-add Photos;
-add Voice Notes;
-view Scheduled Task in calendar mode.

2. Invitations:
- add invitations;
- group related guests in the same invitation;
- select guests type: man, woman or child;
- add an unlimited number of additional guests;
- keep track of the invitations sent;
- assign guest to tables;
- keep track of the presence confirmations received in response to you invitations;
- summary of all your invitations and confirmations;
- summary of all guests, grouped by type (total number of men, women and children invited);
- searching by the guest’s name;
- send by email your list of guests (as cvs attachment or in the message body).

3. To-Do list (tasks):
- add, modify and delete general/scheduled tasks;
- list of predefined events in order to help you start;
- manage the status for each task - In progress / Done;
- tasks prioritization - High/Medium/Low;
- date and time schedules;
- possibility to assign budgets for tasks - estimated cost, actual cost and  payments in advance (acconto). The amount due to be paid is calculated automatically;
- add/remove tasks budget to/from the cost screen;
- assign an unlimited number of vendors for each task;
- schedule appointments for each vendor;
- keep track of the vendors selected for collaboration;
- view next vendor appointments;
- send by email your displayed list of task (as cvs attachment or in the message body).

4. Costs:
- add, modify and delete costs;

- for each cost you can setup: a description, estimated amount, actual cost and advance payment(acconto). The due to be paid amount will be calculated automatically;
- summary of costs, split in sections: estimated, actual costs, payment in advance and due to pay;
- send my email your list of costs (as cvs attachment or in the message body).

5. Tables assignment:
- add tables with modifiable description;
- set the number of available seats for each table;
- assign guests to tables;
- keep track of total number of guest assigned (reserved seats);
- send by email your list of tables (as cvs attachment or in the message body).

Twitter and Facebook integration.

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